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Wyoming Heritage Hogs
Wholesome, nutritious pork products from animals raised in a humane, natural environment
Delicious Pork From Pampered Pigs
Our pigs get personal attention daily.  They are addressed by their names and receive their favorite treat... alfalfa.
The three goals of Wyoming Heritage Hogs are:
     - Work to assure the survival of the Mulefoot Hog
     - Provide quality breeding stock
     - Develop nutritious pork
A quote from Winston Churchill:
     " Odd things these animals.  All dogs look up to you.
         All cats look down at you.  Only a pig looks at you
          like an equal."

At this time, all stock is in Boulder, CO.
You can either contact RoLyn Acres or refer to the following two websites.


P.O. Box 26, Huntley, Wyoming 82218 307-532-8152